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We are taking the plunge!!! Friday the 24th is Heritage Day!

Dear heritage friend.
We are taking the plunge!!! Friday the 24th is Heritage Day!
As we believe most of us heritage minded folk have been vaccinated by now (first and second jabs) it is time to "come back on line" (so to speak) with your association and its activities.
We thought best to plan an out-of-doors activity first, and this will take the form of visiting the historic farms of Rhenosterfontein and Westfield near Port Beaufort.
Rhenosterfontein was the farm owned by Dirk Gysbert Van Rheenen and his grandson F.W. Reitz. It was the crucible of agriculture in the Overberg with its sweeping experimentation in animal husbandry and general cutting edge agricultural development.
Anyone who has a copy of Edmund Burrows' book "Overberg Outspan" and who is unfamiliar with this farm and its illustrious owners of days gone by, would do well to read up on this farm and its owners.
Regrettably, it is way past its former glory with only some of the original barns (in a state of disrepair) remaining. But, it is well worth the visit as we are lucky to have the inimitable Dr Morley Thomson to bring the history of this farm and its past owners to life while on site.
From there we will proceed to Westfield, another historic farm owned by Captain Benjamin Moodie and currently still farmed by a  descendant of his. This farm (originally 6000 acres in extent) was granted to Captain Moodie by the Secretary of Colonies, Lord Bathurst through acting Governor Sir Rufane Donkin as recognition of Captain Moodie's efforts in promoting emigration to South Africa. Captain Moodie after many other events in his life, died at Westfield in 1856. Again we will have Morley bring this Farm and its past owner and his family as only Morley can do.
Thereafter we will go to The Breede River Lodge at Port Beaufort or Marsannes's Restaurant and River Breeze Venu. We are still working on the final destination and will let you know as soon as we have firmed up the venue booking.

This is how the outing will run:

  • When: Friday 24th September 2021
  • Transport: Own vehicle, and hopefully share with others to minimise number of vehicles
    What: Visit Rhenosterfontein and Westfield farms
    Food and Beverage: Lunch at a restaurant still to be named.
    RSVP: We need to firm up numbers with the restaurant please RSVP to me by Tuesday evening 21st Sept.

Please do come and join us in this "restart of heritage association activities".



Drostdy Restaurant (Zanddrif) parking lot


Restaurant for your own account.
Attendance R30 pp payable at the parking lot before departure.


September 24, 2021

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