Minutes of SHA AGM 2018

April 17, 2018

Minutes of the Swellendam Heritage Association/Swellendam Erfenisvereniging Annual General Meeting held at the Drostdy Schuur on Tuesday 17 April 2018.


Chairman Philip Bromley opened the meeting by welcoming all present to the meeting and noted that there were sufficient members present to form a quorum


  • Derek and Sue Weightman
  • David and Sarah Thomas
  • Ruth Coley
  • David Hodge.
  • Imogen Price
  • Flora Cameron
  • Val O Kennedy
  • Rosemary Dunn
  • Amy Thrasher
  • Cathy & Michael Dumbrell


Approval of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 14 June 2017 which had been circulated by e-mail within the required constitutional period before the meeting were proposed by Johan Kriek and seconded by Dr Morley Thompson.

Matters Arising.

Penny Pistorius queried whether there had been a reply to our letter to the Department of Social Development regarding the SHA’s status as a non profit organisation. The Chairman replied that to date no such reply had been received.

Chairman’s Report.

Philip Bromley delivered his chairman’s report. The main points being:

  • April 2017 SHA members visited the village of Stormsvlei.
  • May 2017 Dennis Walters spoke on the life and works of Joseph Newey which was entitled Bridging the Eastern Cape.
  • June 2017 Eric Koch addressed members with a talk called “Memories Of The Old Road Into Swellendam”.
  • August 2017 members visited the one time Barry empire’s harbours Malagas and Port Beaufort.
  • September 2017 Professor Mike De Jongh addressed members on “South Africa’s ‘Forgotten People’ the Hessequa”.
  • October 2017 Keith Moodie addressed members on a personal visit he and his wife, Michelle had made to the Shetland and Orkney Islands home to the Moodies of Melsetter .
  • November 2017 the SHA year end function was held as a bring and braai and the threshing floor in the Drostdy’s artisan’s yard.
  • February 2017 Dr Elizabeth Van Heyningen spoke to the association on “Concentration Camps of the Boer War” a sensitive subject which she handled with great empathy and skill.
  • March 2017 members took a walking tour of the old parts of Heidelberg with Len Raymond past president of the Heritage Association of South Africa as tour guide.
  • On 7 February 2017 your committee wrote on behalf of our association to the municipality asking for a light pole directly in front of the Moederkerk to be relocated so as to facilitate an uninterrupted view for tourist photographers.
  • On 14 February 2017 your committee submitted a letter of support to HWC for the granting of a permit to the current tenant of the Rheenendal Mill.
  • Also in February an additional body pack microphone was purchased for the PA system.
  • On 13 February 2017 Carol Podd and the chairman attended a HWC workshop in Cape town. This workshop was called to set in place the regulations for the proclamation of heritage registers & heritage areas.
  • In March 2017 a letter was sent to the municipality regarding the condition Die Oefeningshuis asking them to please repair or replace the end wall window.
  • An application was received in March 2017 from Dr. Jason Orton of ASHA Consulting Cape Town requesting a letter of support to HWC for the restoration to the decking of two small historic bridges known as Hodges Bridges located next to the new road being constructed between Ashton and Montagu. A letter of support  was duly submitted.
  • On 3 April the committee wrote to Ms Mhimhi Ntsokolo of Transnet properties in Cape Town regarding the vandalisation taking place at the Swellendam Station.
  • The committee is currently applying for new signatories for the investment held with Stanlib after the passing of Mr Chris Perold.
  • No Merit Tiles were awarded again this year.
  • SHA undertook a programme of cleaning and neatening as well as documenting graves in the Moeder Kerk cemetery. An item often reported in the minutes of our committee meetings was the resurrection of the Swellendam Heritage Association’s web site. While this item was not given priority status owing to the existence of the association’s facebook page run by Carol Podd, and the excellent Bulletin coverage thanks to Secretary Dave Guy, some positive steps have now been taken by Carol with Chris Bruce of SWD Tech which should see our website up and running in a month or two.
  • Efforts are still underway to try and resurrect the Sugar Bridge and Letties Bridge.
  • Three books have been published this year under the auspices of our association viz. “Treasures of Swellendam” a pictorial guide to buildings and places of significance in Swellendam. A reprint of “De Gemeente Swellendam 1798 – 1898” by Dr. A Dreyer. A reprint of “Swellendam 1743 – 1793” which is compiled and edited by Dr. PA Grobbelaar MD.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and making the night a success. He thanked the committee for their efforts during the past year. He thanked Diane Kille who is tendering her resignation on the committee for her contribution. He thanked the Drostdy museum for the use of the venue also Annemie Steyn and Esme Bromley for providing the evening’s meal as well as the SSK  for sponsoring the wine.

The Chairman’s report was proposed by Johan Kriek and seconded by Danie de Wet.

Treasurers Report.

Acceptance of the treasurer’s report was proposed by John Whybrow and seconded by Sylvia Benetar.

Election of incoming Executive Committee.

As there had been no volunteers forthcoming from the membership to serve on the committee of SHA the following members agreed to continue acting in this capacity.

  • Philip Bromley.
  • Dave Guy
  • Carol Podd
  • Hennie Steyn
  • Johan Kriek
  • Morley Thompson

The meeting supported this decision


Penny Pistorius raised the point that she felt the current membership fees penalised single members. Graeme Minor proposed the matter go back to the Executive Committee for further discussion and consideration.  This was agreed upon.


The meeting concluded with a talk by Carol Podd on the do’s and don’ts pertaining to Heritage property and the sponsor of the book “Treasures of Swellendam” Mr. Charles de Kock of Chas Everitt addressed the meeting.

Leslie Howard of Barrydale gave an entertaining talk entitled “Karoo Capers” about various past characters of the Karoo .

The meeting closed.

Following the meeting a bread and cheese table with soup and wine was provided.