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"The History Horsetery of the Boer War " Professor Sandra Swart

Your committee is excited to announce that Professor Sandra Swart, Chair of the Department of History at Stellenbosch University has agreed to come and address us on Wednesday evening the 20th of September. Professor Swart's subject will be "The History Horsetery of the Boer War" and no, I did not make a spelling mistake. Prof. Sandra will tell us all about the role of the horse in the Boer war, a war fought before the advent of motorised warfare.

Horses were imported to South Africa from many different countries to participate in this war. The ask of these willing creatures was huge. Sandra's talk will give us a unique view of this war from a totally different perspective which will be both informative and entertaining.

Professor Swart  received her DPhil in Modern History from Oxford University in 2001, while simultaneously obtaining an MSc (with distinction) in Environmental Change and Management, also at Oxford. She studies the socio-environmental history of southern Africa, with a particular focus on the shifting relationship between humans and animals. Prof. Swart is also the author of several books on the subject of Man and Animals as well as environmental history. One of her books is called "The ‘invention’ of the horse in the Philippines and Southern Africa, 1500-1950" which has bearing on her talk.

Please join us for this fascinating talk. The details follow below.



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September 20, 2023

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