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SHA trip to Still Bay

Thursday 15th February1. Meet in the Drostdy Restaurant (Zanddrif) at 07h45 to 08h00 where we will sort out who travels with whom. We leave for Stilbaai by 08h15 the latest. Please have your R40 per person available. It will be helpful if you have the correct change.2. 10h00 arrive at the Stilbaai Information Centre (which is over the bridge on the Westside of the river) and is located at the bottom end of Langenhoven Street. (I mention this as although we are in convoy, if separated you have an address. Look out for the i signs).3. Here, we visit the Blombos Cave Museum located at the Information Centre where Sanet Van Deventer will enlighten us with regard to the diggings taking place at the Blombos Cave and we can view artifacts from the diggings. (The cave is closed to the public).4. At 11h00 we attend the feeding of the eels (Palings), also at the Info Centre and learn about their migration from the ocean to this landlocked pond where they are found.5. After this (presumably around 11h30 - 11h45) we depart from the Information Centre re-crossing the bridge to find ourselves on the East side of the river.6. Here, if you wish, you can take a walk through the Die-tuin-op-die-brak, a unique fynbos park featuring the calcareous limestone fynbos specific to this particular region. These plants have probably played a crucial role in the survival of humans at a time of drastic climate change.This park is right opposite the restaurant where we will have lunch (own account). I have attached a menu below. No need to give orders in advance, order in the restaurant.7. After lunch at 13h30 we will travel to a point where we will meet with our guide Deon Bergman who will enlighten us about the ancient stone fish-traps (Vywers). Timing here is important as we must catch low tide to see the traps.8. Possibly from 14h30 or so we can proceed to our various lodgings in Jongensfontein where you can either rest or explore this delightful little place.9. At 18h00 we will convene for a communal braai at the Strandloper self catering establishment with your selection of food and drink for a braai. Please bring your crockery, glasses and utensils along with you to the braai.Friday 16th FebruaryThe day is free for you to do as you wish.Here are some ideas:Goukou Meander, StilbaaiThe Goukou River has a beautiful estuary at Stilbaai. This unpolluted river is navigable for 15 km upstream from the river-mouth. A meandering road runs up-river along the western bank of the for 19 km. Along this winding road the traveler is indulged with breathtaking scenery and tranquility. Various olive farms, activities and outstanding accommodation are situated along the Goukou Meander.Inverroche Distillery Nestled in the heart of Stilbaai, Inverroche Distillery is a haven for discerning enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our signature gins and liqueurs, a symphony of Fynbos botanicals capturing the essence of the region. Indulge further with our luxurious Gelatos and exquisite handmade ChocolatesPalmyra (2,6 km): Picnic site, fishing. There is also accommodation.Tel 081 827 5728.Oudewerfskloof olive farm (4,5 km): A variety of olive products and farm tours (by appointment) and top class accommodation.Tel 082 549 9657.Kransfontein olive farm (10 km) at “Muffets” turn-off: A deli with a variety of olive products, a stunning hiking route, picnic area, a rock pool braai area (by pre-arrangement only and at a fee) and up-market accommodation.Tel 083 973 5772.Wild Olive Farm (12 km): Picnic on the riverbank & fresh organic produce.Tel 028 754 2719.Vermaaklikheid is a picturesque little hamlet, situated close to the Duiwenhoks River, about 42 km to the west of Stilbaai. It is reached via the gravel road, running from Jongensfontein. The hamlet consist of a number of smallholdings, some with orchards, and a few dirt roads meandering into the surrounding knolls and dales and towards the river. Most of the original houses, simple in building style, dates back to the late 1800’s. Some of the smallholdings are on the banks of the Duiwenhoks River, which is navigable all the way to its mouth at Puntjie (some 10 km).Kasselshoop's traditional cheese is produced on the Kasselman family farm, Klein Soebattersvlakte. The farm is situated on route to Stilbaai. Here, in the heart of "fynbos" country, four generations of Kasselman's have been breeding Jersey's known for the rich and creamy milk they produce.

Please see the attached menu in English and Afrikaans  (I apologise for the poor quality of the English Version, that is how I received it).

Also attached is a link to a map of Stilbaai which can be scrolled or panned once copied and pasted into your browser!&&p=acdaee6eba070f44JmltdHM9MTcwNzYwOTYwMCZpZ3VpZD0yODdjZDhmMy0xYjhjLTZhMTUtMWNhNi1jY2ViMWExMjZiN2EmaW5zaWQ9NTI3Ng&ptn=3&ver=2&hsh=3&fclid=287cd8f3-1b8c-6a15-1ca6-cceb1a126b7a&psq=stilbaai+map&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9tYXBjYXJ0YS5jb20vMTQyNTAwODI&ntb=1






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