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Invitation to visit the Bloukrans Cave 2019

Your committee is very pleased to be able to invite you on an outing to visit the Bloukrans Cave on the 6th of February. This is a very rare opportunity as the cave is situated on state ground and special permission has been obtained for the visit. The cave is of great historical interest as many names (over 1500) have been inscribed upon the walls many years ago by visitors to the cave. Some of the well known names of Swellendammers of yesteryear are to be found among these names.

The trip is however not straight forward so please take special note of the following:

1. Owing to the fact that the cave is on state property we will require your full names and ID numbers to allow entrance. The

   caves are situated roughly behind Potberg on the sea shore. We will thus take the Infanta Road and turn off at the appropriate

   place to the beginning of the trail. The road trip is roughly 60 kms each way.

2. A maximum number of 15 people only will be permitted.

3. If we have as many as 15 takers we will need a sufficient number of 4 x 4 vehicles to carry the party to the starting point of

   the trail to the caves. Thus members with 4 x 4 vehicles please advise if you can assist with transport when RSVP-ing.

4. The party will meet at Zandrift Restaurant at on the 6th of February at 06h45 sharp. The reason for this early start is the

   hike can only take place at low tide. Thus timing is important.

5. The trail to the cave is not a doddle. While it is not too difficult, there is a fair bit of climbing up and down on the pathway which

   leads us. The  trail is roughly about 3.5 kms each way, thus 7 kms in total.

6. Participants must wear long trousers (to prevent bush scratches) and good strong walking boots or shoes. They must also

   bring a torch.  A hat would also be a recommendation.

7. The cost of this excursion is R30 for SHA members and R50 for visitors.(See also point 10 below).

8. Members must bring provisions for a bring and braai as our guide, Mr Thys Steyn, has kindly offered to set up braai

   facilities on his adjoining farm after our excursion.

9. This excursion is an extra SHA activity and will not replace our event planned for February about which we will tell you              more in due time.

10. RSVP’s must be received by 6pm. 2nd February indicating 4 x 4 availability and ID Number. Owing to the limit on

     places we will accept participants on a first come first served basis. Visitors will only be accepted if there are  

      insufficient SHA members to make up the 15 people.

 Please RSVP to Hennie Steyn (who kindly did all the organising for us) at or at 082 956 9454

Kind Regards,






February 6, 2019
February 6, 2019

Booking number:

082 956 9454
February 6, 2019

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