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SHAs interesting talk for July

Your committee is delighted to inform you that we have an exceptional speaker and subject this month.

Our speaker is Dr. Gerhard Pool who will enlighten us on the causes and results of the Herero Rebellion in the then-German South West Africa (Namibia).  The Herero nation launched an armed rebellion against German colonial rule in January 1904 and more than 100 German Settlers were killed in the Okahandja area. The entire rebellion was brutal, and its ending, very cruel. It remains, however, an interesting aspect of colonial rule and the indigenous people's relationship, something we should all strive to learn about.

Dr. Gerhard Pool grew up in Otjiwurongo. Namibia. After matriculating, he studied at the University of Stellenbosch, being awarded the degrees B.A. cum Iaude (1960), B.A. Honours cum laude (1961), M.A.cum Iaude (I976), and D. Phil (1980) in History. His Special

interest is in the German colonial period of Namibian History. He started his research in 1969 and has visited Germany on five occasions to do archival research. He has written various articles and had two major publications.

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Drosrdy Schuur


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July 20, 2023

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