SHA trip to Still Bay

February 21, 2024
SHA trip to Still Bay

On 15th Feb 19 members of SHA left Swellendam for Still Bay. They arrived at the Information centre where the Blombos cave museum is situated & archeologist Sanet van Deventer gave a talk on the cave, the oldest site of hominin habitation in the world. She illustrated her talk with artefacts from the museum, including tools, shell beads and early eecorative engravings. From here the group moved to a pond beside the centre, where eels make their way from the sea to feed and the museum provide chicken livers, the ells have their own territory and respond to taps on the water, Mariaan Harris illustrated this and stroked the eels as they surfaced, as did the more daring of the visitors.

The group then had lunch, it was the wettest day in weeks but we managed to avoid the heaviest shower. After lunch we were joined by Dean Begeman who explained the concept of the "Fish Traps" - Still bay  has a very stoney shore line, some stones had been arranged in low walls making kraals, as the tide rises the fish swim over and some are left as it recedes.

It was a very interesting day, the group dispersed to their various accommodations and finished the day together with a braai

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