Sailor Malan

February 21, 2024
Sailor Malan

SHAs first event of the year was a talk on "Sailor Malan" it was very well attended 60 members attended some coming from as far as Fishhoek, a very interesting talk and one which most of us were not very well acquainted with - Thank you Peter Dickens a

controversial historian,  Peter has a B Soc Sc from Rhodes University and works closely in South African military veterans’ affairs. Peter served in the South African Army and holds the rank of Captain.

He has four broad passions – underwater wreck diving, flying light aircraft, his rugby fraternity, and military history.

Peter’s subject will be: Sailor Malan (the ace South African WW2 pilot) and The Torch Commando - which was the first mass anti-apartheid movement by returning South African WW2 veterans. In Peter’s words: “This talk has Nazis, war heroes, Nats, Commies, libtards” (a contemptuous term for a person with left-wing political views and democrats).

So, it was both entertaining and interesting, to say the least!!

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