Restoration of the Old Swellendam Fire Engine

April 11, 2024
Restoration of the Old Swellendam Fire Engine



10 Moolman Street


Western Cape Province.

Dear Donor

In thenineteen-nineties the Swellendam Trust (forerunner of the Swellendam HeritageAssociation) with permission from the Municipality, exhibited the fire enginein a glass showcase in front of the old library where it currently still stands.During the 2023 protests, it was badly vandalized.


With the consent ofthe relevant stakeholders, the Heritage Association aims to safeguard thedisplay while enhancing its visibility to both the town residents and touristsby relocating it to in front of the Drostdy Administrative building. The fire engine, itsglass case and structure will be renovated and, together with old firehydrants, form an attractive, accessible display alongside SwellengrebelStreet. The display will be illuminated at night and be provided with anappropriate information board. The final quoted cost to achieve this is R75000.00.


As a thank you gesture, names of donorswho donate R1000.00 or more will be placed on a retaining wall at the display.Smaller donations are just as welcome. Donations can be made via an EFT banktransfer to our bank account, or in cash. Proof of payment must please providedand this, with your name sent to  All donations will be acknowledged by email. Itis our sincere hope that this will be a Swellendam town project that everyonewill want to contribute to.


Best regards

Philip Bromley – Chairman Swellendam Heritage Association


Bank details:

Swellendam Heritage Association.

ABSA Bank Branch Code 632005

Current account 4109252114

Pleasesend Proof of Payment (with your name) t

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