First schools blue plaque, awarded to Elim Mission Station school

February 28, 2022
First schools blue plaque, awarded to Elim Mission Station school

Motivation regarding the installation of the Blue Memorial Plaque

My motivational speech consists of 2 parts, viz

1. A brief summary of the history of the school which reinforces

The request to install the Blue Memorial plaque .

Elim (Mor.)Primary is located in the Elim Mission Station.

The number of learners is 203 of which. 97 come from surrounding farms. The MissionStation was established in 1824

According to the history books, our school started with only 4

learners.The first principal was a Mr. Alexander Hans (a graduate of

Genadendal)who officially started the school in 1824 in the house behind the church.

Today it is a parsonage. After that, Mr. Michael Balie, also from Genadendal succeeded him as principal.

The school has moved over the years to a building above the church. Today it is the library.

It was later enlarged  the church hall today.

The front section, toilets and admin .block of our current school building is 56 yearsold and the back block rooms are 51

. The last principals were Mr. Valentine, Mr. C. Temmers, Mr, K.Cloete, Mr.P.Hans, Mr. A.Adams and Mrs. M Hans.

I, Caureen Cloete, holds the principal post from 1 January 2015.


2. The importance of installing the Blue Memorial Plaque

for the community (especially the youth) to convince and make them aware of the following facts:

➢ Education is the cornerstone that directly affects the quality of  all facets of your life

➢ Our ancestors, who come from as lave-historical background, were able to use their God-given talents to be able to make a living within the

limited educational opportunities available to them.

➢ A deliberately positive future vision must be planned and implemented in order to to be able to function successfully as an educated citizen

in our town, country  and world,

➢ Educational opportunities must be cherished and appreciated.

➢ Our ancestors must enjoy the necessary recognition for what they mean to us.

➢ The school is an extension of the values ​​established at home.

➢ The rich heritage of Elim must be preserved and appropriately recognized and celebrated.

➢ The leadership and management in ourMission Village Elim must be developing and be persistent, so that it improves within the challenging

educational and political climate.

I sincerely hope and trust that our application will be considered favourably


(This application was indeed successful and Elim mission school was presented with a schools blue plaque on 12th February 2022)




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