Elsa Marais - receives recognition for her contribution to music

July 28, 2022
Elsa Marais - receives recognition for her contribution to music

                            ELIZABETH (ELSA) MARAIS

Elsa was born and grew up on a wine farm in Robertson.

In 1973 she matriculated at the Robertson high School.

In 1974 she enrolled as a student at the University of Stellenbosch –where she obtained a B degree in music.

In 1977 and an Hons degree in 1980.

She taught music at Oudtshoorn High School and La Rochelle Girls HighSchool Paarl.

In 1983 she came to Swellendam and has taught music at the High Schoolhere ever since. She also performed the duties of organist at the Dutch ReformChurch.

Elsa became a household icon in Swellendam renowned for her choirs,concerts and music festivals –

She achieved enormous success as a teacher of piano and organ with herstudents excelling at Eisteddfods, music exams, and performances at concerts.

Over time she started researching the music of Swellendam and used thisas a topic of a thesis, which, after submitting

It to the University of Stellenbosch obtained for her a Masters degreein music.

She did an excellent job of researching the topic, which resulted at thetime in the most comprehensive study ever written on the history of Swellendam.

The Heritage association wish to recognize her for her achievement, shehas made us proud and we want to assure her that the legacy she is leavingbehind will never be forgotten.  

We wish her well and after the completion of her current contract a safeand healthy retirement in Swellendam

Thank you Elsa.  

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